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The Sewer Protector 


The Sewer Protector 

Written By: Majo BV 


Computer (1) 

Printer (1) 

Sewing machine (1) 


And here it is... 

My first tutorial ever, and also the very first bag I've ever made. 

I've done this bag to carry and keep my new sewing machine (La Balena) protected. 

You can make it for your own sewing machine, or just to use it as a regular bag. 

Since it is my first tutorial, forgive me if I don't get to explain myself as good as I should. If 
you have any comments or advice on how to improve my future tutorials, I'll be happy to 
receive them. 

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The Sewer Protector 

Step 1 — The Sewer Protector 

• With the Protected! 

Step 2 

• The Protector 

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The Sewer Protector 

Step 3 

• Its use! 

Download the .pdf or visit my blog at to see the step 
by step instructions to make The Sewer Protector. 

You can also download the pattern here! 

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